AJ’s Travel Notes with Extras

Hello, Angels!

I’m back in 2017 with a whole new content.Okay, you’re all probably wondering what is this new content? Tell us!

Well, it is what the title says.

My blog will consist of Travel Notes for myself, that you guys will and can benefit from. These will be about the different countries that I would want to visit when the time suits me and when I get my money. For this segment, I will be focusing on the Night Life, Day Adventures and Relaxation Destinations. Since there would definitely be a lot of different things to do in each country, I would only write about the ones that I want to go and do. I’m sure it won’t be everything as well. Thus, I would have time to repeat this in the future.

Now, the extras. The Extra will be the historical side that I talked about in yesterday’s blog. I will be posting historical facts about each of the countries that I want to visit. These are facts that I would be researching throughout the course of this year. It would be a challenge but it would be a very interesting challenge. As with the Travel Notes segment, these Extras won’t be a complete take on each countries history. However, if I keep on doing these maybe I’d be able to get most of their history written down. Maybe. ^^

Throughout this whole year, I will be looking at 12 countries. These are:

  1. nz-map
  2. sk-map
  3. ph-map
  4. can-map
  5. us-map
  6. au-map
  7. gr-map
  8. ch-map
  9. Japanjp-map
  10. itl-map
  11. swz-map
  12. fr-map

Thank you for reading. Watch out for my future posts. 😀

Stay Beautiful, Stay Happy and Stay YOU Shamelessly.

AJ x
All map photos are from www.lonelyplanet.com

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