7 Days Confession: To Him


I know you haven’t seen me yet. The path is still blurry for you and that’s alright. I was able to wait for you for a thousand years, a few more years, months, weeks or days are nothing compared to those. I know one of these days we’ll see each other again. The way we have before. I just have to be patient and vigilant.

You’ll be here soon, that’s the promise. I can feel you being so close, though, somehow you’re still stuck. Again, that’s okay. You’ll know me. We’ll meet and I’ll be right here where I’m supposed to be. I’ll stay here until I hear you call for me.

Don’t be in such a hurry back, okay? Take your time. Find yourself. Find you without me, and I’ll be doing the same. When all of that is done, then, we’ll know.

Don’t ever settle for anything that doesn’t make you truly happy, okay? Remember that there’s someone out there looking out for you. Remember, also that I’m here. Maybe not physically, yet. But I’m here.

And, please be patient too.

Aj x

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