7 Days Confession: To HLPFam


I’ll start with saying thank you. Thank you because you guys literally MADE my 2016. We only met half way through the year but the first part of 2016 went so quick and nothing much really happened. That alone made everything after meeting you guys the most beautiful moments I’ve had so far.

I found friends, best friends, girlfriends, kabet, boyfriends, lovers, kaaway, wife. . . because of you guys. I was able to have the confidence. I just . . . I don’t even know what to say anymore because there are lots to say. So, I’ll just make this quick.

THANK YOU, ALL FOR BEING YOU. THANK YOU for being crazy, blunt, stupid, too sensitive, annoying, amazing, great. Thank you for being the perfect group. Yes, I’ve said it! Perfect, because being perfect doesn’t mean everything is right and good. Being perfect means having everything, being complete, and that’s what we are.


AJ x


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