7 Days Confession: To My Sister


Thank you for always listening to Ate, even though I never stop talking. I don’t know anyone else who has the same patience as you. Well, I can think of one but let’s not go there.

I missed you a lot during my travels during the year but I know I don’t really show it much. I’m weird when it comes to family. Everything is somehow supposed to be said or done face to face, it’s just not right when we converse or show any emotion, other than fangirling, over the internet. Sure enough, you understand that. You anti-social media person. Lol

Anyways, we’ve learnt a lot about each other and ourselves this year, haven’t we? Amazing things happen when two great minds touch each other’s thoughts. BOOM! Fireworks! Amajing! You know what I mean. *wink* *wink*

I love you so much my baby and I hope that you stay beautiful, sexy and well… an all rounder intelligent lady.

Aj x


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