7 Days Confession: To My Parents

Papa & Mama,

This year, so many things went down. This year, we were challenged quite a lot. This year, I matured a lot too. And this year, I love you more and more.

Ma, pa… Thank you for this year. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, for us. Thank you for understanding even though I can be the most complicated child ever. Thank you for knowing even when I don’t say anything.

We’ll get through this, slowly but surely. The only way is up!

Also, please do take care of yourself as well. We can only do so much, us three kids. The other stuff you have to do yourself.

Mama. Papa. We’ve told you again and again na. Nakaka-iyak din isipin pag minsan, when you know you should be doing something pero hindi mo magawa. I can’t ever say that I know what you’re going through because I don’t but I’m here whenever you need me. Tawag ka lang po or message, kasi, you know I’m one to not know whether I’m really needed or not unless you say it or show it explicitly.

Aj x

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